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Watch one of our clients in action as they use Contextual Design

InContext recently had the pleasure of working with a team at Wolters Kluwer CCH Canadian. They’re responsible for redesigning CCH’s delivery of the Canadian Income Tax Act (ITA) – which is no small act (pun intended). The ITA is big in both size and importance, and is the cornerstone of research done by accountants, tax

Digital Publishing

Challenge It used to be that a professional publishing company had a concrete product and a clear value add. But today publishing companies are less able to capture value from those traditional print-based offerings and must find new ways to add value and grow. They are, in a word, being dis-intermediated by free web content

Does Contextual Inquiry Interviewing Only Work in the US?

People sometimes challenge me (politely) with reasons why Contextual Inquiry (CI) interviews can’t work with their specific industry or user population. Usually I go into some variation of my standard explanation with examples related to their situation to illustrate how CI does work, and why. But then the participants in a Contextual Design workshop in

How Blink Justifies Doing Field Interviews

Malcolm Gladwell's stories support doing observational user research in the field, show why it matters, and reveal how to convince management to let you do it. If you are fighting to justify going out to observe your customers in the field instead of doing traditional interviews—here’s some ammunition from a credible source not connected to the technology community.

Shelley Wood

Shelley brings a breadth of business, design, training, and Contextual Design expertise to projects, with more than 15 years of experience in the high technology industry. One of her primary responsibilities at InContext is to provide side-by-side coaching and training for client teams as they use Contextual Design for their projects, products, and deliverables. Shelley

Helpful Tips to Improve Your Contextual Inquiry Techniques

Stay on Track: When doing field interviews, it can be easy to fall back into old interview patterns that are not Contextual Inquiry There are some triggers you can watch for that signal you are not doing a Contextual Inquiry interview There are specific things you can say that will redirect an interview back into