Carnegie Mellon’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute is one of the world’s leading university HCI programs and Contextual Design has long been part of the curriculum. So as a friend of CMU’s program, we’re especially pleased that Karen has been invited to give a keynote speeches and a workshop at the HCII program’s 20th Anniversary Conference.

Karen’s keynote on Saturday the 15th — “What Makes Things Cool? Unpacking the Cool User Experience” — will explain why traditional ways of thinking about user experience must change, and what InContext has done in response.

Attendees who want to understand more about the changes in Contextual Design in light of our research on what makes things cool, plus get some hands-on experience under Karen’s guidance, can sign up for her workshop on Friday the 14th , “Contextual Design Evolved: New Models and Ideation Techniques.”

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to CMU HCII!

For more information and to register visit CMU’s website.