InContext recently had the pleasure of working with a team at Wolters Kluwer CCH Canadian. They’re responsible for redesigning CCH’s delivery of the Canadian Income Tax Act (ITA) – which is no small act (pun intended). The ITA is big in both size and importance, and is the cornerstone of research done by accountants, tax lawyers, and other tax professionals. As you can imagine, it’s also an important part of CCH’s product portfolio.

The cross-functional CCH team turned to InContext and Contextual Design to ensure they deeply understood all facets of how, why, and when the ITA is used—print and online—in the professionals’ workflow. They then took that knowledge and created a new design using the detailed design and validation steps of Contextual Design. The CCH Canadian team chronicled their work and posted it on YouTube. A highlight is a 2-minute video called CCH Contextual Design: Building for Our Customers which shows all of the steps of Contextual Design in a fun, 2-minute look. Anyone curious about Contextual Design—or who wants to smile in recognition—should check it out.