Contextual Design

is a customer-centered design process that uses extensive field data as the foundation for understanding users’ needs, tasks, intents and processes for understanding for designing products and systems.

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 Contextual Design Book

The 2nd Edition of Contextual Design

Learn the key contextual techniques to design compelling products. We introduce both the classic CD techniques and the new approaches needed to “design for life”, fulfilling core human motives while supporting activities.


Retaining Women in Tech 

We share women’s stories, our research, relevant literature, and our perspective on making change to help retain women. Learn about the six factors needed to help women thrive and key interventions in everyday practices to ensure that all voices are heard on diverse teams—and that women succeed. 


Karen Holtzblatt

About InContext Design

Founded by Karen Holtzblatt and Hugh Beyer, InContext Design has been delivering services to product companies, businesses, and universities worldwide since 1992.  Today Karen delivers talks and consulting remote and in-person.

In 2013 Karen began The Women in Tech Retention project to understand what women need to thrive-and create interventions to help managers and teams. The research and interventions are housed at 



Get Karen Holtzblatt’s insights on managing data synthesis, visioning, and design while working remotely.


Hear Karen speak about Contextual Design, innovation, remote working, retaining women in tech and more!

Learn more about InContext Design and improving your product design and development.