Watch Karen’s CHI Story:
A Personal Journey in
High Tech

In "One Woman’s Journey in High Tech: Passion and Partnership" Karen shares her personal journey and the role of Guides, Partners, Coaches, and Supporters throughout the arc of her life.

View Karen’s
Keynote and Panel
Cloud Foundry Summit

Watch Karen introduce the Women in Tech project, followed by a panel discussing the Action Framework and interventions.

Watch Karen’s
Women in Tech

In this recording of a YouTube Live Event, Karen covered the latest from the Women in High Tech Retention (WIT-R) Project. She introduced the key retention factors, and then shared some of the interventions, along with some exercises you can try out.

Career Power Board Game — Help Us Produce It

The Career Power board game is a great way to start conversations between team members, especially with new hires. Have fun while discussing challenges at work that are based on extensive interviews with women and new hires. We are now ready to produce the games. Please pre-order or donate!

Non-Profit Organization for Advancing Women in Tech Launches

WITops is Karen's organization for developing knowledge and practical techniques to help technology companies engage and retain women and diverse persons.

Women in Tech paper

Retaining Women in Technology -- Uncovering and Measuring Key Dimensions of Daily Work Experiences was presented at this international conference from IEEE.

Catch up with Karen Holtzblatt, our CEO

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