Agile development changes the way Product Managers and UX
people interact with their projects. Are you ready?

  • Do you understand how Agile and UX cultures and processes fit together?
    Agile development needs to be user-centered—and we can help you
    make it work.
  • Do you know what to build that matters to customers?
    You need a Phase 0 to generate a coherent concept from which stories
    can be written.
  • Do you struggle to get real user feedback during short development sprints?
    Iterate mock-ups and prototypes with real users within sprint constraints.
  • Do you have too few UX people, spread too thin?
    Understand how to maximize your UX resources within your sprints.

Our User-Centered Design techniques fit right into your Agile process. We make it easy for you to be user-centered and truly Agile. Get the promise of Agile speed and the value of user-centered design in one coherent process.

What do your customers really need?

Use Contextual Techniques to kick off your Agile process with a robust Phase 0. Understand who your users are and what they need to guide the direction of your product.

Go out into the field to understand your customers. Interpret and structure the data—then use this characterization to generate your initial product direction and guide decisions within sprints.

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Where do good
user stories
come from?
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What product will really transform customers’ lives?
Envision a high-level product direction based on real user data. Visioning generates the first rough product concept. A vision provides direction to developers and UX designers alike, guiding the first wireframes and user stories.

How do we know customers like the ideas?

Iteration is part of Agile. Mock-up interviews conducted in Phase 0 and during sprints iterate your designs with real user feedback—and guide the UX architecture.

Even one round of paper mock-up interviews will stabilize the design and drive better stories for development.

20 years of helping companies understand their customers’ needs

We offer a number of Agile services.
We’re happy to tailor our services to your specific needs. Here are a few examples of what we offer.

Agile/UX Workshops: Let us help you educate and inspire your teams

  • Agile overview: One-day training targeted at teams needing to understand Agile and UX terminology, process, and how to overcome the challenges of integrating these two powerful processes for success. Learn to write stories and do release and iteration planning from user data.
  • Integrating Agile and User-Centered Design: Two-day training beginning with the Agile overview and then going on to teach the skills of user-centered design needed for Phase 0 and customer iteration. Learn and practice how to gather user data and apply it in an Agile project.
  • Agile Story Workshop: Start with your initial product concept. In just three days, develop the right user stories for your own project. Follow with a day of release planning and walk out ready to start your first sprint.

Agile/UX Design Services: Fit UX into your sprints
Our team works with your team through the Phase 0 process. Learn Contextual Techniques by working side-by-side with us or just come along. In just 3 two-week sprints, we understand your target customer, produce a product concept, iterate an initial UX architecture with customers, and generate user stories:

  • Sprint one: We conduct field research and develop consolidated work models to capture the work practice of your users.
  • Sprint two: We lead your team through a structured, facilitated process to develop a product concept and UX architecture.
  • Sprint three: We iterate the design through rapid prototyping with users.

Following Phase 0, we can guide you in creating Agile user stories. Then during development we can augment your Agile UX team through design review, conducting customer iteration, and coaching of coordination between UX and development.