About Derek Hoiem

Derek was a User Researcher and Lead Program Manager at Microsoft designing Visual Studio, Windows, and many other Microsoft products. Derek is an entrepreneur and UX consultant specializing in media and content technology. Derek has a B.S. in Technical Communication from the University of Washington.

The Value of CI in Driving Design

"How should you interview your customers?" You know the importance of understanding the needs of your users or customers. But what's the right way to discover those needs? Here, take a quick quiz. When is this the best place to conduct a user interview? Only when you want to learn how people have a meeting!

The Evolving Role of User Researcher

Social Scientists Can Bring More Than Expertise in Studying People Why it matters: The role of user researcher has existed informally for years The field is growing as more companies are focusing on user-centered designs User researchers bring unique value beyond front-end data collection and modeling Designers bring unique value to user research An old

Designing from Data: The User’s Voice

Why it matters: You need to design what customers think is great, not what you think is great By understanding the needs of your customers, you won't waste time re-designing Spend more time creating designs instead of arguing about them Differentiate your designs from the competition in a way that matters to your customer Before

Some Highlights from the Interaction Patterns Webinar

Interaction patterns are different from typical “design patterns”. They’re not a collection or a library of reusable widgets and design elements—they’re a process for analyzing and understanding the structure of an interface or interaction design.