Innovate by Design

Design for innovation. Learn about the Cool Project and the key factors needed to create a cool user experience.

Create a “WOW” user interface. Deliver the right interaction design for next generation platforms and mobile applications.

Know your customer. Use Contextual Design , our world-renowned user-centered design process. Don’t ask your customer what they want. First, understand them—then invent.

Marry Agile and user experience. Integrate Agile into your organization. Create the right user stories and design the best user experience within your sprints.

Selected Case Studies

Let us help you with your challenges – We tailor our services to your problem, your team, your business goals, your schedule, and your budget.

1 Market Studies and User Research

Let us take you into the field to learn about your target customers.

  • Our Cool Market Study helps you understand what makes things cool for your market and product space.
  • User Research delivers reliable product requirements by understanding what people really do and finding the hidden opportunities.

Using Contextual Design and Cool techniques we identify personas, key issues, tasks, and use other models to represent people’s activities. We then lead you in using the data to generate new product ideas. Follow up with concept testing and you will know the right direction to take your products.

2 Modern Interaction Design

Let us help create that “WOW” customer experience you are longing for.

Modern interaction design applies the right mix of classic interaction design principles with design for touch, mobile, and the cool user experience.

Our experience and iterative design process deliver the right user experience for your products and mobile apps. Building on our market studies, we use the Contextual Design techniques to storyboard, define, layout, and iterate your solution—and then we apply and test a visual design.

3 Evaluate Your Impact

How is your product doing? What can you do to improve? We measure Cool!

Each service includes a set of field interviews with users and a heuristic review based on principles of great design. We deliver a report of suggestions or make changes and evaluate again.

  • Cool Metrics let you measure your cool user experience. Compare your score to your competitors. We deliver the Cool Scores with suggested changes for your product.
  • Heuristic Review of your user interface. For current or planned products we provide actionable direction for your product.

4 Workshops

Whether 2, 3, or 4 days, our workshops deliver a real result you can act on now. Try one of these or let us build a custom workshop for you:

  • Cool Workshop: 2-day workshop to introduce and use the Cool Concepts. Immerse your managers and product teams in our field data revealing the Cool Concepts—plus data we collect from your customers just for this workshop. Then generate ideas for your products or mobile apps to make them cooler!
  • Modern Interface Design Workshop: Learn key principles of interaction design and how to design for mobility. Analyze your products and identify changes in layout, flow, navigation, function access, and coherence to improve the user experience now.
  • Contextual Design Requirements Workshop: In just 4 days we lead your team to collect data from 6-8 customers, organize it, identify key product requirements, and generate new product direction. Learn Contextual Techniques and get results you can use now.
  • Agile Story Workshop: Start with your initial product concept. In just 3 days develop the right user stories for your own project. Follow with a day of release planning and walk out ready to start the sprint.

5 Talks

Invite the InContext team to excite and motivate your managers and product team members.

Each talk is 1-2 hours and can be followed by one-on-one discussions. Here are some of our topics:

  • What Makes Things Cool? with Karen Holtzblatt
  • Practical Innovation with Karen Holtzblatt
  • Modern Interface Design with David Rondeau
  • Contextual Design Techniques with Shelley Wood
  • Becoming Agile with Hugh Beyer

6 Courses

Our 1-3 day courses introduce you to our concepts and techniques.

Learn through lecture and hands-on experience. Here are some of our offerings:

  • Contextual Design
  • Contextual Techniques for Agile
  • Modern Interaction Design
  • Design for Mobile Interfaces

7 Coaching

Learn our data collection and design techniques while working on your own project. Our coach helps you plan and trains you in key techniques as they are used.

  • Cross-company Teams, for Cool and Contextual Design Projects. Our team works side-by-side with your team while you learn. Together we do the work and create deliverables. We set up the customer interviews and manage the project. Be as involved as much or as little as you like while you learn.
  • Project Team Coaching: We coach your team In Contextual Design techniques while you work on your market study or design project. Your team learns while they create all deliverables and manages the project. Good for Agile teams too.