Pilot Test:
Career Power Board Game

Central to the Women in Tech Project is creating interventions to address what we’ve uncovered from the field interviews and quantitative research. Using the research and principles from games for good, a team from University of Maryland is creating a Career Power board game. Intrigued? Help us test it at our next research game night!

Men: Use Your Gender Norms for Good

In a blog designed to provoke conversation—and perhaps controversy—Karen speaks directly to men about how they can use behavior from chivalry and team sports to support women in the workplace.

Capital One SF Design Week

Karen will be speaking on Contextual Design: Design for Life.  She'll be discussing the changing ways technology impacts life and the new data collection, modeling and design techniques now a standard part of Contextual Design. This event is open to public. Go to the event website to learn more and purchase a ticket for only $10. The

Karen Delivering Keynote at the GEWINN
Gender and IT Conference

Karen is delighted to be the keynote speaker at the GEWINN conference in Heilbronn, Germany. GEWINN centers on interdisciplinary knowledge regarding gender and IT and is part of the research project Gender. Knowledge. Informatics. Network for Research Transfer of Interdisciplinary Knowledge regarding Gender and IT (GEWINN). Researchers from all over the world will be presenting their work

Karen Holtzblatt on the UXpod Podcast

Host Gerry Gaffney and Karen talk deep about being on design teams, immersing yourself in your customers' data, and designing products in today's multi-device "always on" culture.

International Women’s Day: Call to Action

Karen reflects on the lessons learned from how grassroots efforts transformed user-centered design and how the @Work Action Framework gives us ways to now make grassroots changes for Women in Technology.

CHI 2017: Ways to Represent User Data: Best Practices in Communication Design

Karen is co-leading two SIGs at CHI. In this one, Karen and co-presenter Carol Farnsworth of Facebook will be leading a discussion about the best way to communicate user research to stakeholders. Below is a description. You can learn more on the conference website. The need for user research is accepted by most high-tech companies.