International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation

The International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/IEEE ITMC) is one of the premier conferences from the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (IEEE TEMS). A paper co-written by Karen Holtzblattt and Nicola Marsden of Heilbronn University is being presented at the conference. Retaining Women in Technology -- Uncovering and Measuring Key Dimensions of Daily Work Experiences describes

Karen presenting at
Grace Hopper Conference

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is the world's largest gathering of women technologists. Karen will be co-leading a workshop on Team Onboarding: Key Success Factors and How to Apply Them.

Spring 2018 Newsletter

All of the news from our Spring 2018 newsletter! Read about the launch of WITops, a non-profit organization helping technology companies engage and retain women and diverse persons. Catch up — and get involved!

Watch Karen’s
Women in Tech

In this recording of a YouTube Live Event, Karen covered the latest from the Women in High Tech Retention (WIT-R) Project. She introduced the key retention factors, and then shared some of the interventions, along with some exercises you can try out.

CHI 2018: Designathon to Support Women in Tech

Karen is co-leading an exciting new SIG at CHI. To set the stage for the designathon, Karen and co-presenter Nicola Marsden will share the findings from a worldwide survey of women and men that reveal the underlying reasons for low retention. SIG participants will then brainstorm and sketch technology solutions. Let's come together and harnesses our community’s

Managing Interpersonal Dynamics in Teams: What is Rude?

What is “rude” to one person may be perfectly acceptable to another. What is fine in the US Northeast may be rude in the South. What is rude in one country may be perfectly fine in another. So what is “rude” and how do we handle it on a diverse team?