May 5-May 11
CHI 2017

Once again Karen will be busy during this year's CHI Conference! She's excited to be an invited speaker for CHI Stories and the Diversity and Inclusion lunch. She's also co-leading two SIGs that represent her old and new passions: Representing User Data and Games for Good to Address Diversity.

May 23
WIE Leadership Conference

Karen is honored to have been selected as a speaker at the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference (WIE ILC). Karen will be speaking on "Retaining High Tech Women Once They Are in the Door".

June 5-7
UPXA 2017

Mark your calendars! Karen will be presenting at UXPA 2017 in Toronto, Canada. Karen's presentation on "Diversity in High-Tech: Retaining Women Once Hired" is June 6.

Article in “Networking Computing”
Women in Tech: Keys to Retention

Karen's article in Network Computing outlines the critical factors companies should focus on in order to retain women working in IT. The article is a great introduction to work being done by the Women in Tech Project.

Karen Holtzblatt on the UXpod Podcast

Host Gerry Gaffney and Karen talk deep about being on design teams, immersing yourself in your customers' data, and designing products in today's multi-device "always on" culture.

Contextual Design 2nd Edition – New Book Now Available

The classic Contextual Design book has been retired and the new edition is now available. Contextual Design 2nd Edition: Design for Life is completely rewritten, covering how we've changed Contextual Design, including new techniques for the Cool Concepts.

Our Work with General Motors Featured in Fortune Magazine

FORTUNE has published an interview with Karen about our work with General Motors, Creating an iPad experience

Methods in Collision

Products are produced by using a process – the way people organize themselves to get things done. Whether it is a formal process with a name or just the habits of working that get built up in a culture, nothing is produced without some kind of “way” of doing things.

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