Be Interviewed: Experiences of Early Career Tech Professionals

The Women in Tech project is now exploring the early career experiences of women and men in their first high tech job after college. We’re interviewing developers, engineers, technical product managers, and UX and HCI professionals in high tech companies who are 9-18 months into their first job after college.

September 26 or October 16
Come to the Pilot Test: “Career Power” Board Game

Using the research and principles from games for good, at team from the University of Maryland is creating a Career Power board game. Intrigued? Help us test it at our next research game night!

March 14, 2018
Karen Delivering Keynote at Gender and IT Conference

Karen is delighted to be the keynote speaker at the GEWINN Gender and IT conference in Heilbronn, Germany.

What If I Had James Damore of Google on a Team?

Many have asked Karen to respond about the James Damore situation. So, she thought about a hypothetical: "What If I had James Damore of Google on a team?" This blog is her answer, including techniques she's employed successfully in the past.

Fall 2017 Newsletter

All of the news from our Fall 2017 Update newsletter! There's a lot happening — pilot testing a new WIT board game, new research studies, conference updates, and more. Catch up — and get involved!

Men: Use Your Gender Norms for Good

In a blog designed to provoke conversation—and perhaps controversy—Karen speaks directly to men about how they can use behavior from chivalry and team sports to support women in the workplace.

Catch up with Karen Holtzblatt, our CEO

Our Work with General Motors Featured in Fortune Magazine

FORTUNE has published an interview with Karen about our work with General Motors, Creating an iPad experience

Methods in Collision

Products are produced by using a process – the way people organize themselves to get things done. Whether it is a formal process with a name or just the habits of working that get built up in a culture, nothing is produced without some kind of “way” of doing things.

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