February 8
Moving from Discussion to Action

In this YouTube Live event, Karen will introduce the Women in High Tech Retention Project, and then share the key factors for retention, interventions, and exercises you can try.

Spring 2017
Triangle UXPA

Attention Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill: Karen is speaking in your area at a Triangle UXPA / Ladies That UX event! Karen will provide an overview of the Women in Tech project, and then engage the group in a discussion.

April 15
UXDC 2017

Karen is especially pleased to be speaking in her new hometown: Washington, DC. "Fixing the Leaky Pipeline: Retaining High Tech Women Once They’re in the Door" shares the latest from the Women in Tech project.

Contextual Design V2 – New Book Now Available

The classic Contextual Design book has been retired and the new edition is now available. Contextual Design V2: Design for Life is completely rewritten, covering how we've changed Contextual Design, including new techniques for the Cool Concepts.

Creating Dynamic, Valuing Teams

This is the first in a series of blogs that will address the key dimensions of the Women in Tech Framework which define the critical aspects of daily life necessary to help women thrive and succeed in the high technology industry.

Take Part in Our
Women in Tech

While there are many reasons, research indicates that daily workplace factors, along with the realities of what they want for their lives, contribute most significantly to women leaving tech careers. Learn more about our research and ways you can participate.

Our Work with General Motors Featured in Fortune Magazine

FORTUNE has published an interview with Karen about our work with General Motors, Creating an iPad experience

Methods in Collision

Products are produced by using a process – the way people organize themselves to get things done. Whether it is a formal process with a name or just the habits of working that get built up in a culture, nothing is produced without some kind of “way” of doing things.

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