Karen Holtzblatt will be teaching CS 78: Understanding Women’s Experience in High-Tech Companies at Stanford University this Winter Quarter.

Here is more information about the course:

Description: Women continue to be underrepresented in high-tech companies at every level and many companies face problems with retention. In this course students who will form the next generation in these industries, will critically look at the lives and challenges of women in technology. They will explore their personal journey, review classic and recent literature on women and work, and conduct field interviews of women in the industry. The students will work in groups to interpret and organize field data to reveal psychosocial, cultural, and organizational themes that affect women’s choices. They will generate guiding insights for themselves and organizations to be shared with selected groups at Stanford.

Required: Declared major in computer science or other major with design coursework. Recommended: CS 147 or equivalent experience with design fieldwork.

Day/Time: Friday’s 10:00am-12:50pm RM160-319