What makes products Cool? How can teams design for Cool? What mysterious forces need to align in order to create the most innovative products on the planet? To find out, we immersed ourselves in the experiences of everyday people as they used their coolest products. And we discovered there’s really nothing mystical about it.

Why are products cool? Because they create the experience of joy and delight. But what creates joy and delight? In this webinar talk, Karen Holtzblatt uses examples from our field research with consumers and business people from age 15 to 65 to introduce the Wheel of Joy and the Triangle of Design.


The Wheel of Joy
represents the what of a cool product. Joy and delight come from accomplishing what you need to keep life moving forward, connecting to people that matter to you personally and for work, expressing your unique and professional self, and simply enjoying sensory stimulation which delights.





The Triangle of Design represents the how of a cool product. Joy in use comes from product design that lets users get directly to their intent with minimal hassle or learning. Find out what makes a product deliver a Direct into Action user experience.


Want a sample?

Hear Karen talk about how cool tools help people create relationships.

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