Dipping into the Stream (video)

by Karen Holtzblatt    07/26/2012

Dipping into the stream of work information is one aspect of accomplishment. Staying in touch and informed wherever we are allows us to…

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Joy in Life (Video)

by Karen Holtzblatt    07/10/2012

Karen Holtzblatt explains one of the core Cool Concepts – the sense of accomplishment that drives the unstoppable momentum of life. Find out how…

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Q&A on Innovation

by Karen Holtzblatt    02/28/2012

Jean-Marc Levy is the Senior Vice President at New York Stock Exchange Euronext. Recently, he asked me a set of questions about innovation…

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Conversational Content Freeze

What are you going to talk about? (video)

by Karen Holtzblatt    10/28/2011

Karen describes one aspect critical to maintaining relationship: conversational content.

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Connection-Frequency Image

Reach out and touch me–often (Video)

by Karen Holtzblatt    10/17/2011

Karen describes one aspect critical to maintaining relationship: frequency of connection.

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Accomplishment _blog

Accomplishment is more than Task Achievement

by Karen Holtzblatt    09/19/2011

The joy of accomplishment starts with the baby trying to put his hands into his mouth. I watch my new grandson struggle and…

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Cool Visualization at

by Hugh Beyer    08/08/2011

Hipmunk provides a unique way of viewing your travel options

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The Delta (video)

by Karen Holtzblatt    07/27/2011

In this clip from her 2010 CHI Award talk, Karen talks about the Delta.

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Tune Your Design Compass

Tune Your Design Compass (video)

by Karen Holtzblatt    07/21/2011

Karen talks about how to tune your internal design compass for cool at CHI 2011.

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The Design Compass

by Karen Holtzblatt    07/15/2011

The design compass is that inner sense of rightness that lives inside of every designer. Learn to tune your design compass to cool.

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