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Karen is co-leading two SIGs at CHI. In this one, Karen and co-presenter Carol Farnsworth of Facebook will be leading a discussion about the best way to communicate user research to stakeholders. Below is a description. You can learn more on the conference website.

The need for user research is accepted by most high-tech companies. But getting the research into the minds of the people creating products remains challenging. UX professionals must represent the users world and communicate findings in compelling representations that lead to design action. The challenge has become harder because mobile devices let us accomplish activities in bits of time across multiple devices. Also, service design, total customer experience, journey maps and process design all require visualization.

But what are the best ways to represent the user data? How can UX professionals immerse the team in user data to drive design?

This SIG helps participants improve their data representations. Co-organizers present their best practices, the visualizations they use, and how they use them. Participants try the techniques and share their own experiences and missteps for communicating user research.

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