We’ve launched the Career Power board game in celebration of this year’s Grace Hopper conference, where I spoke speaking about Team New Hire Onboarding.

We’ve developed the Career Power board game as a great way to start conversations between team members, especially with new hires. Have fun while discussing challenges at work that are based on extensive interviews with women and new hires. Find out how you score!

To help produce the game in a cost-effective way we need to raise $20,000 for the first 500 games. Sign up for our Kickstarter and order the game!

In April I launched WITops.org, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is dedicated to developing knowledge and practical techniques to help technology companies engage and retain women and other diverse persons. We build actionable tested processes, techniques, guidance, measures, educational games, and other ways to encourage change and increase success for women at work. All our work is grounded in a deep understanding of women’s lives and work experience.

WITops started with a set of dedicated volunteer professionals. Grassroots volunteerism is core to our approach to involve the industry in co-creating change. We partner with individuals, organizations, universities, and companies dedicated and passionate about helping women in technology thrive. By donating time and financial support we can make change as a STEM community.

So please participate in our Kickstarter and go to the WITops website. Get your company involved too: promote the game as an onboarding resource by signing up for the funding level that includes a personal appearance by me!  I’d love to join you at your company for a talk about what success looks like within your teams and at your company.

Last, look for ways you can contribute. Everyone can help us make a difference in how we work in technology companies so that all people thrive. Reach out and find out how you can help with the overall effort.