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Two Days of Affinity in Two Minutes

I have a confession for you all: I’m an affinity junkie. I mean, I LOVE building the affinity. It’s almost pure induction, one of the pillars of Design Thinking. It’s physical and tangible and can be a little bit manic at times, perfect for a hyperkinetic person like me. And best of all, this is

The Post-Apple World

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks, you’ve already heard about the verdict in the technology Trial of the Century, pitting Apple against Samsung in a battle over who violated whose intellectual property. The blogosphere is abuzz with what Apple’s decisive victory means to the consumer electronics industry, Apple’s rivalry with

General Motors Takes a CUE from Customers

It’s always exciting for us to see what we call practical innovation in action—companies leveraging existing and emerging technologies with their own unique skills and capabilities. So it was exciting to see General Motors announce their next generation driver experience this month.

Trust the Process

“This is never going to work. I don’t get it.  Why are we doing this?” “Don’t worry, Cody.” I’m teaching one of my 16-year-old son’s friends how to do an affinity analysis on some data he’d collected for a high school “critical thinking” project. Sometimes I’m not sure how I get myself into these things.

Nouns and Verbs

When you think of a technology or a product as a noun, you concentrate on what it is, its object-ness. But a verb is something different. When you think of a technology or product as a verb, you think about what it can do for people. And that's an important difference for the success of the product.

Next of Kin

The Microsoft Kin was launched in mid-April—a social networking optimized phone aimed squarely and explicitly at teens and pre-teens. But by June it was dead. Did user research ironically help kill the Kin?

Is Analytics the Answer?

It’s been fascinating over the last several years to watch the big hairy technology battle of our age play out—Google versus Apple. This is a clash of ideologies in how they approach design.

Front End Zen

How do you deal with the fact that your desire to measure innovation can kill it? Great innovation is more Buddha than Black-Scholes. Find your innovation Zen.

Executing in the Fuzzy Front End

It’s strange how the concept of execution gets linked almost solely with operations. What would happen if we applied "execution" to the "fuzziness" of development's front end?

Current Career Opportunities at InContext

User Researchers/Work Practice Designers (Boston and Chicago) Since 1992 InContext has used its Contextual Design methodology to design innovative solutions. InContext delivers strategic market characterizations, personas, new product concepts and design for consumer and business software, devices and consumer products. We take a holistic view—ensuring our solutions work for the users, the technology, and our