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InContext News: December 2013

Shipping off to Palo Alto By Karen Holtzblatt   I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and Chanukah -- and that your overall holiday season is joyous! We are enjoying working with our clients now using Contextual Design 2020 our new and improved techniques which incorporate the implications of The Cool Project including new interviewing

Doing UX in an Agile World

I just hosted my first webinar, talking about the relationship between Agile development and UX. It was a good talk, but to someone used to live audiences the experience of speaking out into the great ether is slightly unnerving. I made like an old-time radio announcer (do they still have those?) and it was fine.

Maximize your Agile process with UX skills

Agile development changes the way Product Managers and UX people interact with their projects. Are you ready? Do you understand how Agile and UX cultures and processes fit together? Agile development needs to be user-centered—and we can help you make it work. Do you know what to build that matters to customers? You need a

A Tale of Two Conferences

I’ve attended two conferences in the last three weeks—Jared Spool’s UX Immersions conference, and CHI 2012, the primary computer-human interaction conference. UX Immersions was the smaller conference, focusing this year on the Agile/UX interface and on design for mobile devices. It was a great group of very focused people and, as it was run by Jared’s

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Contextual Design: Evolved We've received a tremendous response to our Cool Concepts and the resulting changes in Contextual Design. Now our first book on the topic has been published. Contextual Design: Evolved explains how we overhauled Contextual Design to help teams design for the way technology now fits into peoples’ lives. This 92-page monograph briefly

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Innovation by Design Infuse insight into your products and organization Everything we do is driven by a deep understanding of your customer

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Innovation  Transform the lives of your customers and deliver a cool user experience ModernDesign Produce interaction designs for next generation platforms and mobile apps User-CenteredDesign Leverage Contextual Design for your market studies and product design Agile Development Integrate user centered design techniques into your agile process Explore our services for your challenges across the product

The Limits of Iterative Development

One of the ongoing questions in Agile development is whether and how much up-front design needs to be done. This is my perspective.