About Derek Hoiem

Derek was a User Researcher and Lead Program Manager at Microsoft designing Visual Studio, Windows, and many other Microsoft products. Derek is an entrepreneur and UX consultant specializing in media and content technology. Derek has a B.S. in Technical Communication from the University of Washington.

Finding Design Opportunity in Connections

Designers are sometimes myopic. (Before you get defensive, you should know I’ve been designing for 20 years and I still include myself in that statement.) As designers, we tend to focus on our product but not the larger ecosystem in which it exists—even though almost everything we design is connected to other products or services.

Sustainable Brands 2009

For sustainability advocates, the “live within our means” trend is looking much better than during the past couple decades. People are consuming less and more carefully. But will the people who are conserving and sacrificing now want to keep that up once the recession is over?

Interaction Design and the Boston Subway

Today interaction design includes much more than what we see on our computer screens. It has a much wider impact on people's everyday lives—even when they don't own a computer. Because of this, we need to start thinking about interaction design as more than just buttons or functions arranged on a screen. Let me use

David Rondeau

David has 17 years of design experience that spans graphic, visual, interaction, and user experience design in a variety of media. Since 2001, he has been the Design Chair at InContext, overseeing designs produced at the company, improving the company's design process, coaching and providing design expertise for project teams, and participating as a team

Eli Wylen

Eli draws upon broad experience with the timely delivery of software systems to drive the processes behind Contextual Design. He has managed small and large engineering teams in the creation of web-based applications, back office systems, database applications, consumer shrink wrap software and middleware. Eli ensures that InContext’s projects are well managed, meet client’s expectations

Kelley’s Playground

  I'm still testing this page. With Contextual Design, we provide innovation from a deep understanding of your customers and a proven process for transforming that knowledge into insightful, user-tested solutions. Where does innovation come from? People may say innovation is about creating something totally new. So how can you generate requirements and design for

Integrating with Software Development Lifecycles

Integrating with software development lifecycles User-centered design gives any sort of development process a powerful boost. But integrating a new approach to design is bound to disrupt established procedures and relationships. Project members have to learn new skills and ways of doing things. Much of the look and behavior of a system won’t be designed