About Derek Hoiem

Derek was a User Researcher and Lead Program Manager at Microsoft designing Visual Studio, Windows, and many other Microsoft products. Derek is an entrepreneur and UX consultant specializing in media and content technology. Derek has a B.S. in Technical Communication from the University of Washington.

Contextual Design 2nd Edition – New Book Now Available

The classic Contextual Design book has been retired and the new edition is now available. Contextual Design 2nd Edition: Design for Life is completely rewritten, covering how we've changed Contextual Design, including new techniques for the Cool Concepts.

Karen Holtzblatt on the UXpod Podcast

Host Gerry Gaffney and Karen talk deep about being on design teams, immersing yourself in your customers' data, and designing products in today's multi-device "always on" culture.

August 29th:
Karen Speaking in
Salt Lake City

In this Conversation with Karen Holtzblatt, Karen will provide a brief overview of the research from the Women in Tech project, and then engage the group in a discussion. Bring your questions for Karen and have an opportunity to share your own experiences.

Karen Holtzblatt
at CHI 2016

Karen will be at the CHI Conference in San Jose on May 7th through May 12th. She's moderating a panel, co-leading a SIG, and participating in events. Be sure to find her and say "hi". SIG: Diversity in High Tech: Retaining Employees Once They’re In the Door When: Monday, May 9. 4:30-5:50 Where: ACM SIGCH

Webinar: Karen Presents New Research About Women in High Tech

Thirty-something years after the computer revolution, many are asking, "Why are women leaving tech careers?" We're applying our Contextual Inquiry techniques to gather deep ethnographic data from real design teams at actual companies to capture the workplace dynamics.

Reflections on our Modern Interaction Design Webinar

I had a lot of fun presenting our webinar last week on Understanding Modern Interaction Design. We had great attendance and collected some really good feedback afterwards. Thanks to everyone who attended! I think it's an important topic in design, so it was exciting to see so much interest. If you stop and think about it,

CHI2011: Understanding Our Interaction Design History

As interaction design professionals, we need to understand the history of our field and pay attention to how it has changed. The basic interaction design principles that we introduced in the CHI course—prominence, relationship, flow, clarity, simplicity and consistency—have remained the same, but the way we apply those principles changes as our technology changes. This is because each new technology creates new opportunities and new constraints for interaction design.

How Do You Overcome Requirements Blind Spots?

This company's confidence in their original business plan and product concept was so great that it had blinded them to customer realities. The train had already left the station before they really knew customer needs.